SBDC Director David Riggs and his team will attend an awards ceremony in Washington, D.C., to accept the award. 

SBDC Director David Riggs and his team will attend an awards ceremony in Washington, D.C., to accept the award. 

HAMILTON — Butler County’s Small Business Development Center is the best in the country, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration. 

The Butler County Small Business Development Center’s counselors advise tenants, local existing business owners and other entrepreneurs in the community on strategic planning, marketing and gaining access to financial capital. 

The small business center works with the various Butler County chambers, with offices in Middletown and in Hamilton at Hamilton Mill. 

“It is really an honor to be recognized for helping business get started and grow in the community,” said David Riggs, director of Butler County’s SBDC. 

In 2017, the SBDC devoted a total of 1,356 counseling hours, helping small businesses generate more than $3.1 million in new sales, creating 183 jobs and retaining 264 jobs, according to the state. The center led all centers statewide with 58 business starts and connected companies to $3,080,755 in capital.

Do you have a small business, or are you interested in starting your own business venture? The best ideas did not come from money, rather a clear vision and dedicated minds. We have seen empires come from home garages and small incubators. However, you might need a partner to help you structure and develop your business. This is where small business development centers come in.
Many businesses can be started from home; all you need is passion and a viable idea to start actualizing your dream.
Business development centers are a great place to help business owners maintain and develop their business in an ever-competitive and changing market. They come with advisors who offer members advice, business consulting, and training services. Individuals will have access to financial packaging and efficient loan planning assistance, business planning, and manufacturing advice.
The Small Business Development Center Network was signed into law around 1980 and it has grown to over 1000 centers. The SBDC has a vast network of institutions, including the US congress, the private sector, colleges, universities, and state governments managing SBDC's across America.
Statistics argue that more than half of Americans depend on small businesses to grow and create many jobs for people. This shows the importance of SBDC's as they can help grow small businesses, making them viable and profitable.
According to the U.S small business administration, the Butler County Small Business Development Center is the best country. According to David Riggs, director of the Butler County SBDC, "it is recognized for helping business within Butler County grow."
The Butler County Development Center and the Butler County Chamber work hand in hand to help member businesses and companies grow.
They have offices in Middletown ad Hamilton.
In 2017, the Butler County Small Business Development Center helped small businesses make at least $3.1 million in sales, and it saw the creation of roughly 183 jobs, while at the same time helping retain 264 jobs. The center devoted at least 1,356 hours counseling business owners within Butler County.
A great example of what the Butler County Small Business Development Center does can be exemplified by Erin and Lori Noga's paint your own pottery studio.
The business is a place where customers choose blank pottery pieces where and paint their pieces.
The business was taken to the Butler county small business center, where Erin and Lori discussed the business further with personnel at the center, which helped with market research, business planning, and helped secure them capital and a location.
According to both Erin and Lori, without the Butler County's small development center's input, the business would never have become a reality. The studio has flourished and become actively engaged in the community adding new customers to their roaster and teaching them pottery while at the same time making a profit.
Since SBDC's have a record of accomplishment of helping small businesses grow, what are some of the best businesses you can start from home?

Renting Space

This is a home-based business that is currently terrorizing the hotel business. You can rent out your house or some rooms for clients to rent for a time. The business is all about presentation and the customer experience while at the place. Combine this with a reasonable price, and you are on your way to making money.


There are a number of teaching avenues available for experienced tutors that can be done straight from home. The internet is filled with websites providing teaching services where you can apply and start working.
Tutors teach all kinds of subjects from junior to university, both local and international students.


Bookkeeping is a great venture to start from home, plus at the same does not require a lot of investment. Plenty of business owners do not like bookkeeping and will be on the search for a bookkeeper.

Affiliate Marketing

Are you any good at marketing? Do you have a computer and an internet connection? You are halfway to making money through affiliate marketing. This is where you sell things on behalf of the main retailers and get a bonus every time something sells through your links or website.
A great example is selling for Amazon, where through their affiliate program, you list a couple of things from their website. In case a person buys any of these things at Amazon through your website or links, you will get paid for the sale.

Freelance Writing

Are you a proficient writer with some experience? You can earn a decent living writing on paid topics. A number of companies provide paid writing opportunities, doing articles, and other kinds of research.
How it works with most websites is you register and do a test to gauge your prowess when it comes to writing, after which you will be entitled to getting jobs from the sites and working on them.

Social Media Marketer

Social media has taken over the world, and nearly everyone is on one website or the other. This has created a new job avenue from companies and businesses struggling to compete on social media presence. Companies and businesses need to be social media savvy; the more you know on social sites, the more opportunity for business.
A new job title has emerged, digital marketers' where you are in charge of tweeting, posting statuses, and short videos about your marketing business. You are also in charge of any digital marketing techniques, where you are given certain goals over time.


The internet has brought with it a lot of good, and at the same time, a lot of bad, and one of those bad things is fake news. Before trump popularized the word, there was already a lot of fake information on the internet. Plus, with the fast pace news travel on the internet before even reaching television stations, a lot of news now breaks on the internet first.
This has necessitated the need for news outlets to employ fact-checkers who check on the news' validity before they air it on TV to prevent any lawsuits.
You can do this job as long as you have an internet-connected device and are a good researcher.
You can make some money from home through various, especially during this Covid19 pandemic, where most people have to stay indoors. Scour the internet and you are sure to find something you like to do and pays well. If you are in Butler County, then you are in luck as you can even get support from the butler County Business Community.




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The SBDC Certified Business Advisor® utilizes a business coaching process to assess the business situation & work with the entrepreneur.


The Butler County Small Business Development Center offers a variety of classroom learning courses led by qualified Subject-Matter-Experts and certified in the Kauffmann/FastTrac programs. 


The Butler County SBDC meets the needs of the experienced and the prospective small business owner at his/her level of sophistication.

Awards & Honors



2017 SBDC Excellence and Innovation Award for the SBA Central District

From James Laipply, Ohio Small Business Development Centers Director Office of Small Business and Entrepreneurship:
"I am writing to let you know that we are nominating your center for the 2017 SBDC Excellence and Innovation Award for the SBA Central District. Congratulations!

In 2016 Your center had tremendous all-around performance and demonstrated year-over-year growth in clients served, counseling hours, long term clients, business starts, and job creation.

This will also qualify your center to be eligible for the national award."

2016 Business Start-Up Award- Runner-Up

The Ohio Small Business Development Center located at The Hamilton Mill and the City of Middletown Economic Development Department was runner up in Business Starts with 47. One shy of 1st place total of 48. We returned home from the annual State Conference and Awards banquet feeling pretty good.